After performing the test, you can hand in the samples easily on a daily basis at any REWE outlet in Vienna (BILLA, BILLA PLUS, BIPA, PENNY, or any petrol station shops of BP MERKUR inside, JET BILLA STOP&SHOP, SHELL BILLA Unterwegs). From there, the samples will be sent to the Lifrebrain COVID lab. If you hand in your samples before 9 a.m., you will usually receive the result the next morning. Samples are also picked up from stores from 2 p.m. So if you hand in your sample before 2 p.m., you will usually receive the test result the next day in the afternoon.

This dense network of collection points ensures that nearly all inhabitants of Vienna can hand in their COVID-19 test within a maximum walking radius of 11 minutes or a 5-minute drive by car.