When establishing your user profile, you must enter your phone number twice in order to avoid transposition errors, such as reversed digits or similar. The system has automatic country identification and automatic error correction when entering an international country code. Together with the link you receive in the email from the Lifebrain COVID lab, you will also see the phone number to which the text message for secure registration is sent. Please check this phone number for correctness. If you have entered an incorrect number, please use the following web form – https://allesgurgelt.at/wien/feedback/ – or contact the service hotline 01/90 223 to open a ticket for error rectification. Test results can only be delivered if the phone number entered is the correct one. If you already have a user profile and have entered an incorrect phone number for the current test, please enter the correct phone number when taking your next test by clicking on “Wer wird jetzt getestet” (“Who is taking the test?”) under “Persönliche Daten ändern” (“Change personal data”). This is the only way to make sure that your change of phone number will be valid for all future tests.