Yes, the “Alles gurgelt” medical report is recognised as Green Pass and can therefore be used as an entrance test for using the services of a hair salon, going to a restaurant or attending a cultural event, etc. A medical report is issued if the person tested has verified their identity in advance via the web app before the test. A photo of the document (passport, photo ID, etc.) is taken during the test procedure. After the test result has become available, the document scanned at the beginning is printed on the medical report, which can be optionally downloaded. 

The Lifebrain COVID lab makes medical reports digitally available. As soon as the result is available, you will receive an email containing a link that enables you to access the medical report by entering your date of birth and a PIN, which will be sent to your mobile phone (two-factor authentication) to download the medical report. It is not possible to send the report by post. 

Yes, you can either use the Green Pass (issued by the Lifebrain COVID lab as well as by Lead Horizon) or the medical report showing the negative test result for going to an event, hair salon, etc.

The test set complies with all legal requirements. The product is a set for independent sample collection at home, but the PCR test itself is carried out in a lab. After evaluation of your sample, you will receive a medical laboratory report and the Green Pass/EU Digital Covid Certificate, which you can submit to use close contact services.